Conference Agenda

Wednesday, October 25
10:00a Optional Event: Texas Hill Country Wine Tasting Tour

Thursday, October 26
7:00a Breakfast
7:30a Conference Registration
8:30a Welcome and Opening Remarks
Ross Barker, Founder & CEO, e-Quantum, Inc.
8:45a Keynote Address: Leading with Innovation: How to Future-Proof Yourself, Fearlessly Innovate, and Succeed in the New Normal
Scott Steinberg, one of the world's most celebrated business speakers, futurists, and strategic innovation consultants    [Speaker Website]
Even the most successful organizations must continually reinvent their products, processes and enterprises to remain market leaders in an age of growing change, connectivity and globalization. In this eye-opening presentation, audiences will learn how to thrive in the new operating reality, create competitive advantage, and successfully leverage new leadership strategies to adapt to changing times. From more powerful ways to unleash innovation to solutions for better capitalizing on cutting-edge advancements, discover how you and your organization can flourish in tomorrow's world - and effectively apply its most crucial success strategies and skills in context.
10:00a Refreshment Break
  Tech Track EQU: e-Quantum University
10:15a Future of e-Commerce
Attend this session to learn the path e-Commerce will take in the future. Two sessions available: one on Thursday and one on Friday.
Advanced Auto-Scheduler
Are you using the Auto-Scheduler to its fullest potential? The answer is likely no! During this session, we'll cover all system automated functions that can be done using the Auto-Scheduler. A sample workflow will be provided for various processes such as generating Q-Net orders, then scheduling the print/sending of the releases. You probably schedule a lot of reports, but often don't have a workflow for the other functions the Auto-Scheduler offers. We'll also talk about Auto Invoicing to Invoice Printing and scheduling EDI to and from your vendor's system.
11:00a e-Quantum's Popular Digital Manager NOW Integrates with e-Q Docs, Doc-Q-Manage & Q-Design
You asked for it and we listened! The Digital Manager is amongst e-Quantum's most popular modules and a value added service for clients' customers. To this widely used platform we have added more integration with e-Quantum's order entry features and other popular add-on modules such as Doc-Q-Manage and Q-Design. Files uploaded to the Digital Manager can now be added to PO's, RFQ's and Quotes using the Attach tab. You can now add files from the Digital Manager to the Doc-Q-Manage image library and link those files throughout e-Quantum. And the BEST news, clients can now pull artwork from the Digital Manager to Q-Design templates. And if you're reading this wondering what is the Digital Manager, stop in and see all the features e-Quantum's asset management program has to offer you and your clients!
Lightning Round: V12 Overview
This session is a kickoff to get you excited about all the new features - many of which will be covered in detail during other sessions - that you have to look forward to in V12. We will briefly touch upon:
  • The new Sales Orders
  • PayPal integration
  • Auto-Close GL
  • Account for Journal Entries in Check Reconciliation
    Along the way, we will give you a tour of the enhancements to the user interface of e-Quantum:
  • New options when searching for clients
  • To Do List
  • Ability to change the order of line items
  • Spell Check
  • And more!
  • Noon Lunch
    1:30p NEW User Assignment Platform for Distributor Setup
    You can NOW assign permissions and access to Distributor Setup by user. This Quantum Net feature allows limiting rights to specific options in Distributor Setup. Individual users can be given access to only specific clients or certain functions within Distributor Setup or restrict outside consultants from accessing all sections of Distributor Setup. You can also limit users from certain clients in Q-Design. Logs are available and display changes that have been made by the Distributor User.
    NEW Sales Order
    Would you like an easy way to keep your Q-Net orders together? Imagine that a customer calls to order both inventoried items and items that you source from a Vendor. Wouldn't it be easier if you did not have to enter the order information into both a Warehouse Release and a Purchase Order? Now you can avoid redundancy and connect related documents with a Sales Order. Enter the order information one time into the Sales Order and e-Quantum will do the rest, automatically creating any documents you need. NEW features include the ability to update the Ship Via with a screen notification to select which document to update with the new information. A line item summary has been added for Sales Orders, as well as a second packing list format that includes a barcode Sales Order number. You can also edit the item description on the Sales Order.
    2:15p Refreshment Break
    2:30p Tidy Up Files and Records with Cloud Storage & Doc-Q-Manage
    Inundated by client files? Instead of keeping track of dozens of different files for each project, use Cloud Storage and let your client upload and manage their own files! Shift responsibility for customer artwork and specifications back into your customer's hands. Then attach that artwork directly onto the Purchase Order using the NEW Cloud Storage interface with e-Quantum: compatible with Google Drive, FTP and SFTP protocols. Coming soon are DropBox, Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint. The Auto-Scheduler will send time sensitive reports (such as Inventory Valuation Report, Pre-Post reports and Month End reports) automatically to your Cloud Storage or Doc-Q-Manage. Is your office full of filling cabinets? Keep client email communications, approved vendor proofs, Purchase Orders, Warehouse Releases, Packing Lists, Vendor Acknowledgements, Vendor Shipping Notices, AP Invoices and Client Invoices together and accessible with Doc-Q-Manage. Doc-Q-Manage will automatically encrypt and compress your files. Built-in features allow you to move older files to your external drive or Cloud Storage to reduce clutter on your server.
    Invoicing and Auto-Invoicing
    Do you have questions on invoicing? Confused by Consolidated Invoices? In this session, we will walk you through both invoicing and auto-invoicing. We will show you how to schedule Auto-Invoicing which allows you to invoice all purchase orders and releases within a time frame or in a range of Purchase Orders, Warehouse Releases, and/or Quantum Net orders. Combine them in seconds onto one invoice or invoice them separately, depending on your preferences. Print them out or send them to Excel using Export Summary Billing. New features for invoices include the ability to mark invoices paid and to view the hold status on the Invoice Register.
    3:15p NEW Q-Design Editor
    The new Q-Design Editor is on the horizon! The redesigned template editor will be compatible with multiple browsers. Each Q-Designer on your staff will have their own user login directly into Q-Design. New features include:
  • Zoom and Full Screen Mode: No more eye strain! View your template as big or as small as you want.
  • Change Coordinates and Units: Do you prefer to keep the origin of the X and Y coordinates at the bottom to match traditional Q-Design or at the top to match mainstream design programs? Do you prefer to work in points or in inches? You choose!
  • Hide and Reveal Objects: No more moving your background art aside to create new objects. We have completely revamped the interface for managing layers!
  • Managing Your Order Entry Pipeline
    The Order Entry module gives you all of the functionality you need to process customer orders quickly and accurately. This session will cover the tools used for tracking and managing the workflow of your purchase orders and releases using features such as: Follow-Up Codes, Order Acknowledgements, Activity Codes and the OE reports used for tracking. Plus, helpful V12 enhancements will be reviewed to provide efficiency in your pipeline: the In-Hands date has been added to the Multi-Vendor tab on PO's, edit the vendor in the RFQ Vendor tab with double click, Quote to Client now displays the total margin dollars for each line item, addition of a Dates tab on PO line items, NEW warehouse release format and when a client is set as "Freight Exempt" the sell will now display on Releases, PO's and Sales Orders with a line through the dollar amount!
    4:00- 6:30p Vendor Exhibit Expo
    Please join us for the opportunity to meet the conference sponsors and exhibitors and be our guest for a hosted bar. Light hors d'oeuvres will be served as an optional dinner is planned following the expo. Dress is business casual.
    7:00p Optional Event: Dinner at Boudro's Wine Cellar  

    Friday, October 27
    7:30a Breakfast
      Tech Track EQU:e-Quantum University
    8:30a Future of e-Commerce
    Attend this session to learn the path e-Commerce will take in the future. Two sessions available: one on Thursday and one on Friday.
    Reports and the Report Export Manager
    Answer your questions with the Sales Analysis Report (What generates the most profit?), Consultant Stats Report (Who generates the most profit?), Active Order Report (Which orders are waiting on vendors and what is their status?) and Aged AR and AP Reports (What is waiting to be paid?). e-Quantum has a large variety of reports with different formats and exports available. Learn how to how to access essential business reports with the NEW Greenbar Effect, which enhances readability. Watch as we use the power of the Report Export Manager to send data to Excel, allowing you to sort and subtotal it any way you like. Find out what new information the REM is capable of delivering through a myriad of enhanced configurations.
    9:15a ATTENTION MANAGERS: Monitoring e-Quantum Users & Workflow Processes
    Keep track of what is happening in your company! e-Quantum logs allow you to track what users are doing. The Maintenance Event Log now records the issuing and editing of coupons. Use the Email Log to confirm that Purchase Orders and Warehouse Releases were sent. Find out what has been deleted, by whom, and why with the Deletion Log. Change your document numbering to easily see who has issued a particular Purchase Order, Warehouse Release or Client Invoice. Review how to setup User Permissions within e-Quantum and check out the new group display. Get e-mailed alerts when someone voids a check or deletes a line item from a Warehouse Release.
    Treat your Referral Sources Like Royalty
    Do you need to process rebates for a Retail site? Offer a referral fee? Have you purchased a client list and now need to pay commissions for it? Royalties are the way to go! We will show you how to setup the royalty structure, assign royalties to all or some of the client's items, add the payee as a vendor, run the royalty report (using NEW range selections), and have e-Quantum automatically create an AP vendor invoice.
    10:00a Refreshment Break
    10:15a Personal Branding to Drive Sales
    Sima Dahl    [Speaker Website]
    Whether you take a classical approach to marketing or have more of a "let's see what sticks" style, one thing is for sure - marketing is anything but easy. Businesses spend tens of thousands of dollars trying to elevate their brand, fill the sales funnel, and close deals faster. And in the Information Age, that responsibility fell squarely on the marketing department. But today we live in the Age of Referral, and in our hyper-networked, always-on, global business world, every staff member can be a marketer.

    In this high-energy and interactive workshop Sima Dahl, America's Personal Branding Champion™ will:
  • Challenge you to use social technology to grow your business
  • Connect with others online so you can reach the people you want through the people you already know, and
  • Create a business culture that has every staff member transformed into digital brand ambassadors

    Sima has taught her Sway Factor™ system to business owners, corporate staffs, and sales professionals around the world and the #1 thing they say is this: "You gave me the kick in the pants I needed to get moving, thank you!" Don't let another day go by without putting the power of Personal Brands to work!
  • Noon Lunch
    1:30p The New Manger Approval System
    As you may know, e-Quantum released a new manager approval system within the last year. Do you know how to use it to its full capacity? The new manager approval system is extremely flexible and designed to handle a large number of situations:
  • Managers: Choose whether all managers receive pending order alerts and whether any manager can process the final approval OR all managers must approve the order OR each manager must approve the order in sequence (Example: the store manager must approve it first, then the area manager, then the district manager and so forth). Hierarchies are no longer limited to 2 tiers.
  • Orders: Choose whether every order goes for approval, only orders that are not paid by credit card, orders that have expedited shipping and/or orders that exceed a certain quantity. Choose to allow some line items bypass approval while specific items (such as variable print) require approval.
  • Partially Approved Orders: Choose whether partial orders come into e-Quantum as managers approve them or wait for the complete order.
  • Prepare and Understand a Bank Reconciliation
    Numerous calls and emails are received by Support staff regarding Bank Reconciliations. In e-Quantum, reconciling your monthly bank statement to the general ledger's bank account is done utilizing the Check Reconciliation. While not required, building the deposits for your receipts to match deposits to the bank will simplify matching e-Quantum data to the bank statement. The benefit of reconciling the bank statement is knowing that the amount of Cash reported by the company (company's books) is consistent with the amount of cash shown in the bank's records. During this session, we'll walk through a complete bank reconciliation and cover: Adjusting the balance per bank, Adjusting the balance per books, comparing the adjusted balances and finally preparing Journal Entries. This is a must attend session for staff who reconcile!
    2:15p NEW Custom Lists for Office Supply Catalogs
    Custom Lists provide more control over how Supply Catalogs are presented to your end users on Q-Net. Items included in your client's price plans can now be grouped into different sublists of items. Each Custom List can then be assigned users or groups. In addition to who can use the lists, you also have control over how each list is presented. Now you have the ability to more closely align which products are viewable to your clients' users based on their needs. Sample usage scenarios:
  • Your client has an office manager that curates an approved product list for their company. With Custom Lists, you can limit the employees to just the approved list while still being able to provide the office manager with the entire Supply Catalog.
  • Maybe you just want to highlight specific items without losing access to the rest of the Supply Catalog. Custom Lists allow you to add an additional navigation link to just that list's items. Now it's easy to provide seasonal categories like "Spring Fever" or "Back to School" for your clients. Other features include full Export/Import capabilities which allow quick updating of a client's list or copying a custom list across several clients, direct control over when a Custom List becomes active and more!
  • Cleaning Up Unwanted Inventory Clients
    Inventory management requires constant attention and is incredibly important to your business's success. This session will cover clearing out allocations, accounting for losses and un-setting up the items and clients for inventory by using the Active Release report, Inventory Checklist and Dusty carton report. Join e-Q's workflow expert and walk away with a systematic approach for cleaning up unwanted inventory clients.
    3:00p Refreshment Break
    3:15p LEARNING LAB
    You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! For the last couple of years participants have missed the “Learning Lab” sessions we removed. This year, we are bringing back the Learning Lab option as its own session to end the conference with a bang! Join e-Quantum staff and come prepared with any questions you have regarding e-Quantum or Quantum Net. This is your time to ask questions and get answers and listen to others' input that may be helpful to your own operations. This session will be moderated and conversation topics will be supplied.
    In Closing... Month End
    Do you truly know how to process month end? Are you doing it correctly and performing all steps necessary to properly close out month end? If your answer to these questions is no or you begin to second guess yourself, attend this session. You will not be disappointed! During this session, we will cover month end procedures for each module from Inventory (posting inventory to the GL), Order Entry (Commission report/update CNS History), Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger and financial reports. Drill into the details and leave with a solid process for processing month end! Plus, see new V12 enhancements such as the addition of a second sort option of Invoice Date or Invoice Number for statement printing, the Statement Cycle Field has been increased to 4 characters, in Period End Processing the Month Name has been added to the period and in Period End Processing you can drag your cursor to select multiple clients at once.
    4:00p Conference Wrap-Up
    Ross Barker, Founder & CEO, e-Quantum, Inc.
    5:30p Optional Event: Dinner at Chama Gaucha Brazilian Steakhouse

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