April 25, 2008
2008 Client Conference June 18-20, 2008 Lake Tahoe

There are less than 30 days until the hotel cutoff and 75% of our rooms are booked! The hotel will honor the negotiated rate on a space available basis up until the cutoff date. So, don't delay.... register today!

Click here to visit the conference website and register!

e-Quantum Graphics

Do you need help setting up custom client templates for business cards or other items? Does your client need a special set of graphics for their e-commerce site? How about a customized login page so they don't have to fill in so many login fields? Our newly expanded graphics department can handle all of these needs at very reasonable prices. Email graphics@e-quantum.com for more information.

New Quantum Net - Item Detail

The new "Sub-Categories" version of Quantum Net includes a customizable Item Detail Section. Display Item Details such as Quantity on Hand, Average Monthly Usage and Previous Order History. By clicking the Item ID or thumbnail picture, the view details section will be displayed. If you give your users this optional feature, your new "Sub-Categories" version of Quantum Net will be automatically updated. Email support@e-quantum.com today for more information or help with setting up this flexible new feature.

Log on to the Quantum Net Demo site today to see this and other new features: New Quantum Net Demo Site