May 1, 2008
e-Quantum To Celebrate 25 Year Anniversary

This year, e-Quantum, Inc. will celebrate its 25th anniversary, and the company's motto - "Always Thinking" - has never been more true than it is today. Throughout its history, e-Quantum has delivered computing technologies allowing print distributors to push the boundaries of the traditional marketplace. It's no wonder that many of the original staff and clients are still active today.

e-Quantum will hold a special 25-year anniversary celebration during the Welcome Reception of the Lake Tahoe Client Conference. Join us for a memorable journey of the company throughout the years.

Tahoe Conference Filling Up Fast

There are only two weeks left until the hotel cut-off for the Tahoe Client Conference! Be sure and secure your spot today by registering on the conference website at As an added value to conference attendees, the following fine companies will be available during 2 two-hour expo sessions.

Quantum Net Enhancement Released

Quantum Net developers released an enhancement this week allowing distributors to customize the size of their images in the Quantum Net Subcategory Skin. There is now a configuration option in the Sub-Category Qnet Setup screen that will allow you to set a max width and height for images viewed on the Image Detail Screen. Using this setting, Quantum Net will automatically scale the uploaded images so that they do not exceed your desired viewing size.

New Order Entry Manual Released

The documentation staff has released a newly written manual for the Order Entry module in e-Quantum. You will find very detailed information regarding all aspects of the Order Entry screens, commands, processes and options. You can download a copy today and have it automatically update your help menus in your e-Quantum systems. It is also available in PDF format, enabling you to conveniently print hard copies for your use. Please click the following link for detailed instructions on downloading the new manual. Click here for instructions