June 11, 2009
New e-Quantum CD Release

The e-Quantum programmers have been hard at work on exciting new enhancements and new optional modules for the e-Quantum and Quantum Net programs. The new CD release is currently in beta testing and is slated for a general release throughout the month of July. Here are just a few of the enhancements and new modules you can look forward to:

  • Customizable online RFQ which downloads and generates an RFQ in your system
  • Enhanced Client Maintenance contact options
  • Ship-To specific credit cards and default credit card options
  • New "Use" Tax and enhanced sales tax setup options
  • New "Free Item" coupon
  • Invoice editing, Mouse over the Vendor ID to display the Vendor name, address, phone and fax
  • New Product Group Sales Analysis Report
  • Suggested Sell items on Quantum Net
  • Ability to add multiple images on Quantum Net
  • Ability to rename the unit of measure on Quantum Net
  • Many, many other enchancements...

    New Modules
  • Analytic dashboard reporting tool for an "instant read" on your company financials
  • New Goldmine Premium interface with enhanced data sharing with e-Quantum
  • Integrated Accudata data resell lists with QDesign
  • Full Ennis Online Catalog Suite integrated with Quantum Net

  • New Software Manuals

    The e-Quantum documentation department has completely re-written the manual for your e-Quantum and Quantum Net systems. Every module has been updated. The new manual was written to follow along with your menu trees in the e-Quantum program so that help topics are easy to find. You will find many useful features such as important tips, examples, helpful hints, and warnings. Links and page references will help you to cross reference topics in other areas or in appendices. The upcoming CD release will self-install an even newer manual, creating links to all the help screens in your program.

    To request a copy of the re-written manual for your current program please email support@e-quantum.com.

    Quantum Net Stats

    Have you ever wondered how many people are visiting your Quantum Net sites and when? Below are some interesting statistics for May 2009. These statistics are a compilation of the 490 distributor Quantum Net sites showing peak activity.

    e-Learning Webinar Series

    Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your product knowledge of e-Quantum software. Take advantage of these free training sessions. Owners, salesforce, customer service and support personnel can all benefit by attending.

    E-mail support@e-quantum.com to register.

    Training Topics (webinars held Thursdays at 11am PST)
    6-18-09Order History Overview
    Are you still going to Item Maintenance to look up information? Stop! Order History is the first place to go to look up current PO's, releases, and invoices. See the entire history of an item. You will learn how easy it is to find the information you need with just a click.
    6-25-08Consultant Sales Quotas
    Discover how you can track the progress that your salesforce is making.
    7-02-09New Quantum Net Setup
    Learn the new options including how to setup multiple images views and suggested sell items. You will also see the new redesign of item maintenance.
    7-09-08New Sales Tax / Use Tax
    The e-Quantum system now has the ability to track and accumlate use tax. Setup options and capabilities will be covered. Learn how to use the new sales tax lookup screens.
    7-16-09New Quantum Net RFQ
    Start by creating a speclet, which becomes your custom online RFQ. Learn how your clients will use the RFQ. You will also learn how you will be able to download and generate it in your system.

    Business Development Topics (webinars held Tuesdays at 11am PST)
    6-16-09The Award-Winning Auto-Scheduler
    The Auto-Scheduler allows you to automate recurring tasks such as imports/exports, uploads/downloads, detailed report generation and other time-consuming tasks.
    6-23-08Ennis Online & Quantum Net Integration (Steve Osterloh, Ennis)
    The full Ennis Online suite of catalogs is integrated and accessible through Quantum Net. You will hear from company executive Steve Osterloh about how Ennis is bringing thousands of integrated catalog items to your clients.
    6-30-09Employee Apparel Clothing Allowance Program
    Offer your corporate clients the ultimate in client-subsidized spending allowances for employee apparel. Let Quantum Net track all the allowances and expenditures while you concentrate on selling corporate-branded apparel.
    7-06-08Selling Variable Digital Printing with QDesign
    Take your variable digital printing sales to the next level by using Q-Design, e-Quantum's own online, integrated module for creating high-end stationery and marketing pieces.