December 2, 2009
Year-End Accounting

We receive many inquiries this time of year about Year End processing in e-Quantum. THERE IS NONE.

Clients with a General Ledger fiscal year starting in January, when processing period end for expense period 12, the system will automatically move you into the expense period 1 of the new year. In the general ledger the current period profit & loss automatically gets adjusted into your retained earnings account and sets your income and expenses back to zero for the new year. The balance sheet figures are always brought forward and will not be adjusted.

Please note: If necessary, you will be able to make G/L adjustments for any 2009 period in G/L > Edit/Post Journal Entries.

You may want to check your Inventory clients who are on a calendar year to make sure they are all in the correct period. You can go to Inventory > Reports > Lists > Inventory Client List to see what period everyone is in. Also run an Inventory Valuation Report Cost for reference at year end. Because Inventory is real time, you cannot run this report in the future for the year end. When you period end process for period 12 it will move your clients into period 1 of the new year.

New! Spell Check Feature

e-Quantum now has a spell-check program available for your e-Quantum system. This spell checker will work on any open text areas in your system such as client notes, PO notes, internet descriptions and more. You will be able to access it anywhere you see the symbol in e-Quantum. This new feature needs to be installed by CD. There is a nominal fee of $50 per company to cover the costs of the libraries, CD and shipping. Email to order your e-Quantum spell check installation CD today.

64-Bit Batch PDF

e-Quantum has released a new 64-bit version of the Batch PDF program. This new version is compatible with 64-bit operating systems such as Windows 7 (64 bit). The new version generates smaller text-based PDF files instead of the larger image-based PDF files of previous versions. These smaller versions are more optimized for email and for use with the auto-scheduler. You can purchase the 64-bit Batch PDF program for $250, or upgrade if you own the previous version for $100. Email to order your copy today.

e-Quantum Holiday Hours

December 24thOpen - limited staff
December 25th Closed
December 31st Open - limited staff
January 1st Closed

e-Learning Webinar Series

Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your product knowledge of e-Quantum software. Take advantage of these free training sessions. Owners, salesforce, customer service and support personnel can all benefit by attending.

E-mail to register.

Training Topics (webinars held Thursdays at 11am PST)
12-03-09Distributor Setup
Make each client’s site unique! Learn how to customize colors, reports, messages, styles, categories, and more.
Learn how to customize the information you receive from the clients via Qnet RFQ and send it to your vendors.
Jan 2010Winter Break

Business Development Topics (webinars held Tuesdays at 11am PST)
PowerPay is the preferred supplier of merchant and electronic payment services for your e-Quantum software. Their exclusive pricing can help you achieve significant cost savings on your credit card processing. Attend this webinar to find out more about the services they offer as well as how it effects your Quantum Net e-commerce sites.
Jan 2010Winter Break