March 11, 2010
March Madness Conference Special

March Madness!
Register during the month of March and receive $50 off your registration!

23 leading vendors and manufacturers will be on hand, Wednesday, May 5th at the Executive Sponsor Expo. Don't miss the opportunity to meet with them. Click here to see who they are.

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Special Price on XML Integration

We are pleased to offer special pricing on XML Vendor Integration. XML integration allows the sending and receiving of documents from "system to system". This means that these documents do not need to be opened or keyed into either you or your vendor's systems. Below is a list of all the documents supported; however, some vendors may not be utilizing all documents. XML integration is normally priced at $500 per vendor. For a limited time, we are offering a flat fee of $500 for ALL vendors with current XML integration. (This offer does not include e-commerce punchouts or vendors who become integrated in the future.)

XML Purchase Order/Release- The PO or Release is transmitted from your e-Quantum system directly into your Vendor's production system. This reduces the need for the PO to be opened and entered. It saves time and eliminates the possibility of keystroke errors.
XML Order Acknowledgement- This is sent from the vendor's system to your e-Quantum system. This document lets you know that the vendor's server has successfully received the electronic order.
XML Shipping Notification- This is sent from the vendor's system to your e-Quantum system. This document updates your e-Quantum PO or Release (in some cases) with the ship date and tracking number.
XML Vendor Invoice- This is sent from the vendor's system to your e-Quantum system. This vendor invoice is automatically imported and expensed against the original PO and the vendor invoice is created in AP.

We currently have (8) vendors who have already completed the programming on their side to achieve XML interoperability with your e-Quantum system: United Stationers Supply, SP Richards, CE Printed Products, Colorcentric, Hodgins Engraving, Printegra, Acculink, Wright Business

New Q-Design Enhancement to be Released

We are pleased to announce that we will be releasing a new Q-Design update to all Q-Design clients. This release is scheduled for the end of this week. Included in this update is a new user interface for variables. The new interface allows functionality such as cloning variables, selecting multiple variables at one time, and the ability to see which template(s) any variable is being used on.

Specific details are attached to the following link explaining the enhancement and functionality: Enhancement Documentation

If you would like more information on Q-Design, Quantum Net's variable template design program, please email

Quantum Net Design Contest

Have you learned all the "ins and outs" of customizing your Quantum Net and QStore sites? We will be showing custom storefront designs at the upcoming client conference this May. Sharing these ideas helps other designers be more creative and realize the full potential of their customization options. If you have an image of the front of a Quantum Net or QStore storefront that you are willing to share, please send the image or the client information to If your image is selected to be shared in the "Customizing Quantum Net Sites" presentation at the conference, you will be entered into a drawing for a $250 design credit from the e-Quantum Graphics Department.