February 17, 2011
Latest Q-Net Skin to be Unveiled at User's Conference

e-Quantum is happy to announce that it will unveil its latest e-Commerce look at the 2011 Client Conference in San Antonio, Texas, April 5th. This new "skin" will include a completely updated look and feel with abundant options for customization. There are also many exciting enhancements coming in the newest version of Quantum Net. Here are just a few of the highlights:

New Quantum Net Smart Search
Users will easily be able to search by keyword, short or long description. Q-Net's Smart Search will auto-populate as your users enter keywords for maximum ease of use.
Collapsible Categories
Left side categories are now designed to reveal subcategories while your customer shops. When a main category is clicked, the sub-categories will expand but keep the top-level categories visible in order to improve store design and navigation.
Password Security Features
You will now be able to set custom password security thresholds for each of your e-commerce clients. Some of these features include: forced password reset, password minimum length and case sensitivity, incorrect password lockout.
Combined View Cart and Shipping Screen
The View Cart and Shipping Screen have been combined for maximum ease of use. The new screen will support many new enhancements including the ability to assign different ship methods per line item, and the ability to assign different charge back locations by line item. Users will also have the ability to group associated cost centers for bulk distribution.
New Item Quick View
The item screen and item detail screen have been re-designed for a crisp, modern look and feel. Included in the design is a mass add to cart option, an Item Quick View, a Quick Cart Snapshot and an all new apparel ordering grid for mass entry of apparel items.

Attend the Client Conference and get a jump-start on taking
your e-Commerce platform to the next level.

Q-Design: Your Online Variable Print Solution

Q-Design is designed to meet the marketing communication needs of your clients. With very little time or effort documents can be created based on your customer information. Your clients maintain complete centralized control of the process, thus ensuring message consistency, brand integrity and the ability to customize targeted marketing campaigns for a local area. Documents created in Q-Design integrate with your e-Quantum back office system allowing the flexibility to distribute print-ready PDF artwork to the vendor of your choice.

For more information on Q-Design or for a one-on-one demo, email sales@e-quantum.com.

What's New in Version 10.1?

e-Quantum plans to begin releasing its latest version of the e-Quantum back office system in the Spring of 2011. Planned enhancements to this release include:
  • We have added a new Button to main e-Quantum menu. The button "last" will take you to your last menu accessed.
  • On all reports with format selections you can configure which will be available for users. You must be Supervisor or have Supervisor access to the report to access this feature.
  • Vendor Maintenance, Contact tab has the ability to add up to 100 total contacts per vendor.
  • Expensing in Account Payable allows you to expense to a Release line item.
  • The Warehouse Release Summary screen has a new field, Item Freight. This will be used to show expensed and item freight.
  • We have added the ability to set up Recurring Releases
  • We have added the ability to Auto Invoice Purchase Orders
  • Tracking Numbers can be added at the item level, and when you are displaying them you have the options to Show All, Document, Item, or ship to related numbers. These will also be sent to the new Q-Net Tracking report.
  • Many, many more!