July 7, 2011
Cast your vote for the 2012 International Client Conference

Help us determine the location of our ever popular International Client Conference set for April 2012. We expect a great turnout and want your input on a preferred destination.

The choices are:
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Nashville, TN
  • Orange County, CA
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Reno, NV

  • If you haven't voted, please click here to cast your vote!

    e-Quantum CD Upgrade...Version 10 - What's New?

    In the upcoming e-Quantum CD upgrade to version 10, you will be able to AUTO-INVOICE PURCHASE ORDERS! Here's a sneak peak showing what the screen will look like:

    You'll be able to use this feature to auto-invoice based on product group, a particular date-range, and/or whether or not the document includes expensing and tracking numbers. You'll be able to auto-invoice Purchase Orders and Releases together, and this can all be automated using your Auto-Scheduler - what a time-saver!

    XML Integration with Wilmer

    e-Quantum and Wilmer XML Integration provides distributors an easy, time-saving and efficient method of sending and receiving orders, acknowledgements and invoices from system-to-system. Streamlined, automated order entry eliminates keystrokes and saves time allowing users to focus on customers and sales. A one-time XML Integration fee includes all current and future vendors who earn XML Integration status. Email sales@e-quantum.com for set-up details or to schedule a demo.

    The Straub Corporation Celebrates 40 Years

    e-Quantum user, The Straub Corporation in Des Moines, Iowa, recently celebrated its 40th Anniversary marking 40 years of people, progress and printing! Congratulations to The Straub Corporation! We wish you many more years of continued success.

    Did You Know?

    Have you ever called e-Quantum Support about a BTrieve error that you received in e-Quantum and the first thing we asked was, “what kind of error did you get”? If you're no longer stuck on that screen, but you know it happened and are seeking resolution, there's a way to find out using the SYSTEM log within e-Quantum. It can be found here:

    BTrieve errors occur when Pervasive, the database engine that runs your e-Quantum system, has trouble displaying the information you're requesting. Valuable information can be found by knowing the BTrieve number as well as what you were doing when it occurred. Here's a sample of what the System Log will display: