Success Is Spelled "SAN ANTONIO"

Dear Colleagues,

Profiling isn't PC in our contemporary society. However, there are instances when the suppression of profiling corresponds to the suspension of our powers of observation. So, cloaked in this disclaimer, I offer my version of profiling for distributor success in our Independent Print Services Industry.


The most rapidly growing distributorships with which I am familiar share this common identifying characteristic. Their corporate strategic plans include a primary focus on most or all of the following.
  • Technology
  • Technology Savvy Sales Staff
  • e-Commerce / Web Store Solutions
  • Supply Chain Integration
  • Niche Market Penetration
  • Marketing Services Solutions
  • Managed Services Solutions
  • Innovative Hiring/Compensation Policies
  • Continuing Professional Education
Recently, one of our "success profile" clients sent a new employee, a young, bright, tech-savvy individual, to Reno for training. He said their corporate goal for 2011 was to increase revenues by 25%. That would translate to $4MM dollars. Since their sales have quadrupled in the past 7 years by focusing on most of the bullet points above, I bet they will succeed.

Another "success profile" client recently reported they had met their 5-year goal to increase annual revenues from $5MM to $10MM. In fact, they actually achieved $11.5MM. Now, they are assembling their next 5-year success plan.

e-Quantum is often an integral part of these success stories as well. While writing this column, I was interrupted by a distributor phoning excitedly to say they had just been awarded the multi-million dollar annual contract for which we had promised the timely enhancements required to satisfy the end user RFP.

And, the examples go on.

And, success isn't limited to distributors. Twenty-five major industry vendors have now successfully integrated with e-Quantum via e-commerce punch outs and XML interfaces. Our profiled distributors utilize these vendors to offer integrated supply chain management to end users. Everyone profits - vendors, distributors, end users - from increased productivity and transparency.

One other thing all these successful distributors, vendors and e-Quantum have in common.


The reason is simple. It's the greatest industry educational conference available to e-Quantum users all year. Look at the fantastic agenda and compare it to the bulleted list of success prerequisites profiled above. The conference will encompass all of them in one way or another.

All our e-Quantum integrated vendors will be available as sponsors. Then add the terrific networking, the wonderful enthusiasm generated by speakers and attendees, the great recreational opportunities afforded by San Antonio's storied Riverwalk. And, best of all, see the fabulous new e-Quantum and e-Quantum Net enhancements that our e-Quantum staff is so eager to show you. These are REALLY GREAT enhancements that add tremendous efficiency and firepower to your distributorship.

So, I hope you can sense and share my enthusiasm for our upcoming e-Quantum International Client Conference in San Antonio, April 4-6. We've accomplished our goal of assuring a world class, professional educational program for all attendees. It's a very important way e-Quantum helps promote YOUR "success profile." So, come and share the excitement.

But remember, we can't enhance your profile unless you attend!

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Ross Barker

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