Please Release Me, Let Me Go

Dear Colleagues,

Thatís not just Engelbert Humperdinck crooning his platinum hit (PLEASE tell me you remember Engelbert Humperdinck)... itís also e-Quantumís latest V.10.1-1-11-628 summer release eagerly awaiting installation on client servers.

Remember how we've been discussing the need to increase VALUE for clients the past few weeks? Well, let's walk the walk. How does TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTEEN e-Quantum enhancements NOT including Quantum Net qualify for "value added"? Because that's what's contained in our new release that's presently in beta testing and will be distributed to all clients later this summer.

Now, throw in the major Quantum Net upgrade that will be available once you install the new release, sprinkle in a few exciting new add-on modules, and... POW! You're into Telly Savalas territory. Repeat after me, "WHO LOVES YUH, BABY?"

Well, you'll have to excuse me if I'm a little exuberant about what our team has accomplished. But, I think you're going to be excited as well, when you read these highlights.

  • Auto-Invoice Purchase Orders
  • Auto-Invoice Releases
  • Auto-Schedule Auto-PO's/Releases (for more auto's buy a car)
  • Recurring Releases
  • Expensing To Releases
  • PO Line Item Tracking
  • PO Split Ship Line Item Tracking
  • New Collapsible Skin For Sub Category Sites
  • Three Levels of Categories
  • All Catalogs Displayed On Same Page For Navigation Ease
  • Enhanced Catalog Search
  • "Pay Per Download" Allows Print On Demand Images/Files To Be Purchased On Q-net
  • Customization Allows Background Colors, Mouse-Over Colors, And Font Size/Type/Weight
  • Items Can List Related Items & Accessories
  • Item Properties Can Restrict Items By User
  • Apparel Ordering Grid For Multiple Item/Attribute Order
  • In-Revision Option Allows Uploading An Image That Identifies Items As Revisions
  • Vendor Catalogs
  • Quantum Net Status Center
  • Report Export Manager
  • Digital Manager Pay Per Download
  • Data Widget Mailing List Provider
The Vendor Catalogs and Status Center are no charge, the others are optional modules.

And, if you're thinking OMG how are we going to assimilate all those enhancements, we will provide a link to the fabulous "new and improved" release documentation our support staff has assembled to assist you. This, of course, being in addition to the numerous webinars we will provide to insure all clients understand the new release contents.

If we were not the quietly humble software team with which you are so familiar, we might impulsively blurt something like, "AND THAT, sports fans, is projection of effort." But, obviously, that would be so totally not us.

The REALLY scary part is that e-Quantum will have another major Q-Net release late this fall, and our programming schedule for the rest of 2011 contains numerous cool enhancements that will be available via patch. So, we're not letting up on OUR PART. After all, that's why you chose US, right?

Now, promise me you'll click on the new features documentation link below and GO TO PAGE 46 to view the NEW Add-On Modules. Someone has to purchase one, or else our marketing department will not reorder my business cards.

Please enjoy a wonderful summer.


Ross Barker

800-328-7804 |