SOS Signals Will Sink You!

Dear Colleagues,

The dawn of a NEW DECADE is a tremendously exciting period! Itís a new beginning, in one sense, bringing equal measures of opportunity and challenge. Decades are also an important way to define our lives, our careers.

So, itís important that we face a new decade with the right attitude -confidence. It's equally important that we donít face it with the wrong attitude Ė complacency. For the only certainty accompanying a new decade is UNCERTAINTY. No matter how hard we try, no matter how confident or complacent - itís impossible to predict the future.

Except, for one sure-fire prediction thatís invariably spot on Ė SOS SIGNALS WILL SINK YOU!

Do you want to demoralize your staff and lose your customers? Do you want to absolutely guarantee you wonít survive the decade? Just start the new decade sending SOS signals: Same Old Stuff - Same Old Services. That's why e-Quantum is dedicated to new technology development, such as the new marketing services and management products we'll unveil at our May International Client Conference.

Thereís a reason for phrases like "product life" and "business cycle." Nothing lasts forever. Products, services and companies are like seasons of the year.

When I look back on my career, I can distinguish between decades.

During the 1960ís, our distributorshipís major income source was pegboard accounting systems. By the 70ís, it became business forms printing. In the 80ís it became automated forms management, which morphed into e-Quantum and a totally new business opportunity, software for our Independent Industry.

e-Quantum software has also evolved; from IBM Business Basic in the 80ís to the more powerful C+ software language of the 90Ďs. In 2000 e-Quantum transitioned to MS Windows and began developing a world-class e-commerce capability. The rest of that story continues today.

The only continuity between decades was the need to re-engineer to continually deliver products and services with high-perceived value and a critical "WOW" factor for clients, both ours and yours.

I won't attempt to predict the end of this decade. I have no idea what role print will play in 2019; or which manufacturers, or product lines, or services will prosper; or, how our national association may transition as our product lines and services diversify.

I am concerned that the same Internet that has driven our ever-expanding e-commerce market place also enables manufacturers and end users to deal directly with one another more easily. Consequently, I sense a constant urgency to increase the sophistication of services distributors offer and to perfect interoperability within our industry supply chain.

But, as this new decade dawns, I have tremendous optimism. e-Quantum has more resources, staff, talent, clients and momentum than any decade in our history. Reliable future predictions may be elusive for us all. But, strategic planning, industry networking and our historic ability to capitalize on opportunities as a COMMUNITY OF ACHIEVERS will successfully meet whatever challenges the future holds.

And, I guarantee one certainty. While I canít predict what your company or e-Quantum will look like at the end of this decade, I promise that together we will continue to develop technology that assures us a vital and competitive leadership role in the Industry of the Future.

Hereís to challenge, opportunity and success in this exciting, new decade!


Ross Barker

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