Partnerships That Keep On Giving

Dear Colleagues,

Don't miss the opportunity to attend our newly expanded Select Vendor EXPO on Wednesday afternoon of e-Quantum's May 5-7 National Client Conference. The EXPO will be a featured highlight for all attendees. Twenty-five elite vendor exhibitors, all in the process of completing interoperability with e-Quantum and Q- Net, are looking forward to discussing their exciting, new capabilities for electronic delivery of products and services to YOU.

The Select Vendor EXPO features a superb lineup. The many distinguished national and regional vendors have provided the manufacturing foundation of our Independent Industry for decades, while new vendors bring exciting product and service opportunities to stimulate your interest - and create vital new sales potential!

In addition to opportunities to speak with Industry leading vendors for print products and services, leading national vendors for office and promotional products will likewise show how their product lines can expand your profit opportunities. So, let our Select Vendor EXPO become your one-stop, shopping experience for integrated vendors. Don't miss this opportunity to learn how your distributorship can grow sales, productivity and profits by utilizing these quality vendors.

Also, many of these vendors (as well as our keynote speaker) can assist your efforts to become a marketing services provider - a current industry topic. Please take advantage of your conference attendance to learn all you can about opportunities in this new field. One of our exhibitors, Customer Link, has attached a short video link to introduce their demographic research technology that defines any company's ideal customers.

e-Quantum and exhibitors at the Select Vendor EXPO have only one conference objective in mind. We want to HELP YOU SUCCEED! Please be sure to attend the National Client Conference and each Select Vendor exhibit booth.

See you in Reno,


Ross Barker

P.S. The EXPO is also a trip down memory lane for me, personally. The first morning of my industry sales career, I walked out of our distributor office carrying a Wilmer Service Line pegboard systems demo binder. Now, Wilmer is one of our integrated Select Vendors that will be exhibiting at our conference.

And, yes, we have both undergone a slight transformation through the years.

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