When Change Is Axiomatic

Dear Colleagues,

It was my high school geometry class that first introduced me to "axioms." Axioms are universally accepted propositions that don't require formal proof. This would be inconsequential, except that from that time forward certain aspects of my world became "axiomatic."

In today's Print Distribution Industry the trend line for CHANGE is closer to vertical than ever before. Paradigm shifts are transforming our business processes and markets. Consequently, urgency in transitioning our companies for success in the "Print Distribution Industry of the Future" has become "axiomatic."

Let's review some salient features of our contemporary industry.
  • An industry rapidly transitioning and driven by technology
  • An industry constantly expanding its products and services
  • An industry now marketing the entire range of office consumables
  • An industry whose supply chain is being transformed by the Internet
  • An industry at risk from our low position in the logistical food chain
When we view these features, we should see potential OPPORTUNITY and CHALLENGE... but also THREAT. And our axiomatic response to all three should be ACTION! We can't stay where we are. Whether we welcome opportunity, face challenge or confront threat, we need to re-engineer our companies for success on the modern business battlefield.

So, allow me to indulge in a few questions:

Does your distributorship maximize its use of e-commerce and technology? Are you filling the ranks of your sales force with tech-savvy reps who embrace e-commerce solutions? If your sales revenues haven't doubled or tripled in the last five years, these are probably two good reasons. They are, anyway, according to e-Quantum's most successful distributors.

Are you selling marketing solutions/services? You don't have to be an expert, you know. Our Industry has several terrific vendors that can provide the entire creative concept, prospect lists, finished print products, and mailing/emailing services for you. All you have to do is furnish the customer. Only, your sales force has to be receptive to learning new markets and products. But then, that's "axiomatic" to our most successful distributors.

This leads to a related question, "How are you marketing yourself?" Wouldn't it be great if you were to use all these wonderful marketing resources to impress clients and prospects with the products you are suggesting they purchase? Wouldn't this be an effective way to engender enthusiasm and expertise among your sales force? Not many Mercedes are sold when the sales rep parks his Hugo in the showroom.

Do you effectively incorporate your financial reporting capabilities into your major account presentations? Do you insure their C-Level executives understand the financial management controls your technology can create? The time/labor/inventory costs your financial reporting technology can eliminate? Many successful distributors make this a centerpiece of their presentations.

These are just A FEW of the critical issues confronting our successful "Print Distributors of the Future."

So, what's the point?

All these issues... and many more... will be discussed at our e-Quantum PRINT LEADERS SYMPOSIUM in Scottsdale AZ, November 3-5. Leading industry distributors will participate in educational sessions to learn/discuss our most pressing Industry issues regarding future management, marketing, products and services.

You will learn from nationally prominent speakers, expert peer presenters, and participation in peer-to-peer forums - exclusively for C-Level principals, executives and management. So, I personally invite you to "THINK BEYOND INK." Join us at the spectacular Westin Kierland Resort in Scottsdale and participate in an exclusive conference for industry leaders to network and discuss solutions to the critical challenges of the present and future. Come to think of it, your attendance should be "axiomatic."

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See you in Scottsdale,


Ross Barker

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